The Tse Ataa Mensah Foundation, supporting childrens' educational welfare in Ghana and much more!. The money we do raise will help the children of ghana see much happier days. Sponser a Child and help save the children of Africa Our Adinkra symbol for Tsat Mensah Foundation also known as TAMF(our initials). The Family, Artwork by Visual Artist Ahinee Mensah (links to tsat mensah members page)
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Welcome to The Tse Ataa Mensah Foundation, also known as Tsat Mensah Foundation (T.A.M.F)

Akwaaba (welcome) Site Map

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The Tse Ataa Mensah Foundation is a registered charity in Ghana since August 2006 after the death of Nii Tse Ataa Mensah.

Our current aim and Our Long term goal

The current aim of the charity is to support young people in education. The ultimate aim is to build a Teaching hospital, schools, ect and generally help the poorer community mostly women and children. We aim to improve quality of life and access to basic education in Ghana.
To support vulnerable children including orphans
To help struggling families in Ghana.

The Tse Ataa Mensah Foundation Charity, supporting childrens’ educational welfare in Ghana and much more!


Tsat Mensah Foundation offers a variety on niche products that is unique only to the T. A. Mensah Foundation. We have a variety of artistic products, most of which are limited editions. Our products ranges from unique limited edition Greeting cards, Paintings, Calendar, T-shirts, Artwork Prints, Bespoke cards and paintings . We also have Sculptures, Woodcarvings, African Accessories, African clothing, Ghanaian products, and you can also Commission artwork

Our symbols

Here you will find The TAM FOUNDATION logo and its meaning. You will also find a selection of Adinkra symbols that best represents what Tsat Mensah stands for and aims to achieve.

Thanks for your support Hope you will visit us again soon
Yours sincerely Naa Ahinee

Tse Ataa Mensah's portrait - oil painting by Ahinee Mensah. (Links to Tse Ataa Mensah’s page)Working the land and Sankofa Africa – Acrylic and oil paintings by Ahinee Mensah. (an African mother with child working the land; map of Ghana in Africa). Links to Mothers Of Africa pageFeeding The Children and Mother Africa yearns 3, oil and acrylic painting on canvas by Ahinee Mensah. (Links to Tsat Mensah Nursery page)
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